Last chance: SpiceLines PopUp Closes Tomorrow; Tropical Thai Tea Glasses

Hurry!  It’s your last chance to snag that dazzling Moroccan rug or the few remaining SpiceLines “Trust the Journey” pillows at  our online shop.  The PopUp closes tomorrow afternoon.

Did you notice this quartet of charming Thai tea glasses embellished with traditional lotus blossoms?


DSC_1354 (1)

These pretty blue and lavender glasses are ideal for icy lemongrass tea (in case there’s a mid-September heat wave chez vous).  Or you might consider serving shots of more traditional black Thai tea, spiced with star anise, cardamom and clove, with dessert after dinner. There’s a nice recipe at White on Rice right here.

And of course, who’s to say you can’t use these versatile glasses as votive lights on the dinner table? I certainly won’t tell!

But don’t delay: The shop closes on Friday September 15–and after that, well, they’re gone!


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