Vintage Moroccan Photo at Spicelines PopUp: I Never Met a Camel I Didn’t Like

Vintage Moroccan photograph, found in Marrakech–now waiting for you at the SpiceLines Popup Shop.  Get a closer look at spicelines/myshopify.com.


DSC_1233 (1)


This framed photo has it all: camels saddled and ready for the long journey ahead, Bedouins in long robes and head scarves, the sepia-tinged romance of the wild and woolly desert.  At home or in your office, it will send out the siren call of adventure, reminding you that there’s a wide, wonderful world out there to explore.

And don’t forget the glamorous “Trust the Journey” camel-emblazoned pillows, exclusive to SpiceLines.  See these and other treasures from my archive at spicelines/myshopify.com.

But be careful: travel lust is catching!

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