Shop the SpiceLines PopUp: Vintage Moroccan Carpet, Cozy and Warm

It’s easy!  Just click spicelines.myshopify.com to shop the Spicelines PopUp.  Among the covetable treasures on offer:  This woolly red Moroccan carpet, from the Middle Atlas Mountains, circa 1950-60.



It wouldn’t surprise me if an entire Berber family once cuddled for warmth on this sumptuous carpet. It’s woven of thick sheep’s wool dyed a vibrant red. A wide band of paler rose extends across one end. In Morocco, these are the colors of fertility and happiness.  Diamonds within diamonds, woven of black goat hair, provide classic protection from the evil eye.

Doesn’t this carpet belong in your home, perhaps in front of your fireplace?  But don’t be surprised if it suddenly gravitates to the library, the bedroom or even the kitchen.  The rug knows where it belongs…

Go here to take a closer look.



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