Shop the Spicelines Popup: Chefs & Spices; Six Delicious Cookbooks

You can shop the SpiceLines PopUp anytime, simply by clicking on this link: spicelines.myshopify.com

In the meantime, here’s the question of the day: Is there anything more delectable than reading in bed?

(OK, you may not want to answer that…)

Seriously, though, if you love reading cookbooks in bed, you’ll enjoy snuggling under the covers with these six volumes from my personal library.


Each is written by an acclaimed restaurant chef or culinary expert with lots of spicy tricks up his or her sleeve. The books focus on the foods of the “world’s hot zones” including Vietnam, India and Thailand.  As well, there’s a wonderful cookbook from one of Miami’s top restaurants and another from London that specializes in “Moorish-style” cuisine.

Not only are they tantalizing to look at–and some have photos that will make you salivate–but the recipes are spectacular.  A few of my favorites: Eggs with Spicy Masala and Lacy Rice Pancakes, Central Thai-Style Papaya Salad and Steamed Mussels with Tomato Harissa Broth and Black Sticky Rice.

Go here to read more about each book.

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