Spicelines PopUp is Open! Vintage Lacquer Tribal Boxes & More

The Spicelines PopUp Shop is open for business.  Please click this link to go to the store: https://spicelines.myshopify.com 

While you’re there, you might like to take a look at these exotic tribal boxes.  Channel your inner wild child!


DSC_0157lacquerboxes-1050x625 (1)

Clockwise from left to right:

Vintage Northern Thai offering box, black lacquer, probably used by a monk to hold a ration of cooked rice; its pumpkin or gourd shape symbolizes prosperity, abundance and good health.

Vintage rustic tribal box, incised red and black lacquer, likely used by a family to hold money, jewelry, rice or other foodstuffs; possibly from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Pair of contemporary Burmese boxes, red-orange and ivory colored lacquer; may be used for spices, for storing collections of small objects, or as gift boxes, perhaps for a special piece of jewelry. Affordable!



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