The Spicelines PopUp Shop is Open!

We’re open for business!  To open the door, click this link: www.spicelines.myshopify.com.

Once you’re in, you’ll find a host of treasures that I’ve collected while traveling the spice trail:  rare incense from Bhutan, indigo-dyed bags from Japan, a woolly Berber rug from Morocco—and much more!

But don’t delay!  The Spicelines PopUp will be open only until September 15. After that the store will close and I’ll be on the road again.

Are you intrigued?  Here are two more treasures that you may like.  But hurry: one has already been sold!



If you enjoy a morning cup of tea—whether black, white or green—a graceful Japanese iron teapot will enhance the moment, creating a gentle pause before the onslaught of the day. Suffering from the mid-afternoon doldrums? Take the time to brew a pot of loose leaf tea (no bags, please). And be sure to treat yourself with a tiny sweet!

Japanese genmaicha, green tea mixed with roasted brown rice, is my preferred eye-opener.  Later on, I gravitate to oolong. What’s your favorite?

Alas, the tall slender pot, made by a traditional Japanese ironmonger, has already been sold. But you can still buy the equally appealing gourd-shaped pot. Across Asia, the gourd is a symbol of good luck, good health and prosperity.  In Japan, the gourd often symbolizes divinity and is often found in Taoist folk tales.

What a heavenly way to start the day!

To get to the shop, follow this link:  www.spicelines.myshopify.com   And remember, we’re only open for until September 15th.

Have a lovely Labor Day weekend—and be sure to visit!




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