One More Day! SpiceLines PopUp Online Tomorrow; Intense Sicilian Sea Salt

Just one day to go!  Sometime on Friday–that’s tomorrow–the SpiceLines PopUp Shop will go live.  Check back tomorrow morning for the exact time–and (this is really important!) to get the link to the store.

There’s lots of bustling about, getting the last details in place, so that shopping with us is a happy experience for you. Thanks to Mike G. for all his help–I am not a technically adept person to say the least!  And thanks also to Lydia for making sure that all the products on offer are as beautiful as they can possibly be.

Today you might like to consider this amazing Sicilian Sea Salt.

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They call it soffi di sale, which translates roughly as “breath of salt.”

It’s the Sicilian equivalent of fleur de sel–aka fior di sale.  The ingredients?  Nothing more than mare, sole, vento–sea, sun, wind.

In Salted, Mark Bitterman describes Sicilian sea salt as “bright and blunt–the essence of salinity….[with crystals] that hit hard and fast and then take their leave without further ado.” This intensity makes it the ideal finishing salt for grilled beef, meaty fish and roasted pork.  And as Bitterman suggests, “there’s no better match…than grilled lamb rubbed with garlic, olive oil and salt and drizzled with lemon juice.


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Our salt comes from the Ettore e Inversa works near Mozia on Sicily’s western shore. Between the towns of Trapani and Marsala, the island’s shoreline is a maze of salt basins that have existed since the time of the Phoenicians. Up until recently,  brick windmills with canvas sails pumped sea water into the lagoons, leaving behind a crust of salt as it slowly evaporated.

Although most operations are now mechanized, at Ettore e Inversa  you can still see a single 500-year old windmill, spinning sails intact (now made of plastic) draw water into the ponds. Upstairs we tasted hand-harvested fior di sale combined with other strong flavorings: orange and lemon zest with coriander seed; crushed black, pink, white and green peppercorns; juniper berries with rosemary and thyme.

Are you getting hungry?  Well, then, don’t dilly dally. Once the store goes online, this reasonably priced salt may not last long.

Be sure to check back tomorrow morning for the link to the store and the opening time!

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