SpiceLines Online Pop Up: Just Three Days to Go; Rare Incense from Bhutan


The clock is ticking! Just a few days to go until Spicelines’ online pop up shop will open its doors.  Check back for the start date and—this is important!—to get the link to the store.

In the meantime, here’s another treasure, just for you: rare incense from Bhutan, available in very limited quantities.



In the mysterious kingdom of Bhutan, incense is still made by hand.

In small workshops artisans follow ancient Buddhist formulas, blending aromatic substances such red and white sandalwood with rare medicinal herbs, and spices such as saffron, nutmeg and cinnamon.  In all, each stick may consist of as many as 40 ingredients.

Temples and sacred places throughout the Kingdom are perfumed by the alluring aroma of this remarkable incense. In your own space it may induce a sense of spiritual wellbeing—or lead you down a path of dreams.

Use it to focus the mind during meditation, or simply to while away an afternoon, perhaps in the bathtub, or in the evening, gazing into the flicking firelight.

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