What Makes You Smile? For Me, Golden Tulips, Fresh-Baked Challah and….


What really makes you smile? You know, the quick, joyful grin, and maybe a chuckle or two, that lights up your face when—

Well, that’s the question, isn’t it? What makes you smile? I really want to know, so please don’t be shy.

For me, it’s fleeting and unpredictable. At the moment, it’s the morning sun lighting up the golden tulips on the kitchen table. And Serendipity’s warm, yeasty challah, fresh from the oven. Even better, tulips and challah together….

By the way, you should know that the remains of the challah became an insufferably rich bread pudding, oozing dark chocolate and bourbon-laced crème anglaise. Big smile.

But who smiles the most? For the answer, see Surveys in yesterday’s New York Times (March 6, 2011, The Week in Review, p. 3). There’s also a map that depicts The National Well-Being Landscape—by Congressional district. Hawaii Dist. 2 (The Big Island) had the most people who “felt happy a lot during the previous day.” Worst overall? Michigan Dist. 13 (Detroit).

Which explains why an old friend who lives near Detroit (and smiles a lot) couldn’t wait to leave for sunny Florida this morning.

So I’m curious. What makes you smile? Leave a comment or send an email to spicelinesatgmaildotcom.

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