Weekend Project: Putting the Tropical Garden To Sleep


It was the weekend of the great dismantling.

No frost, but the cold night air cast a wintry spell, blighting the angel’s trumpets and withering the hibiscus buds before they had a chance to unfurl….

It was time.

Time to uproot the pineapple lilies and sever the “Black Magic” leaves from the elephant ear bulbs…L1120192lemon-450wide

Time to pick the last, barely ripe Meyer lemon


Time to haul the olive tree inside…and scrub the moss from the implacable lady’s bosom…


Time to wash out the big pots…


Time to tuck the canna and the frangipani into fresh dirt for a long winter’s rest…
Time to sleep…


Except for the pineapple sage, persistently erupting with red blossoms, even as the autumn leaves fall.

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